Modern cone beam technology produces a computerized 3-D image of the actual bone architecture

Over 35 years of experience with over 20,000 dental implants placed
& More than 60,000 dental surgeries performed

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Cone Beam Technology in Rockford, Dixon, Janesville, and Madison

Conventional dental x-rays, such as the panorex, are of limited value as they only display the images in two dimensions that are not dimensionally accurate. Modern cone beam technology produces a computerized 3-D image of the actual bone architecture and exact amount of vital bone structure. This technology has reduced the guesswork with implant placement by increasing the precision and predictability of the procedure.

Cone Beam Scans can help:

  • Visualize the 3-D anatomy of clinical structures such as bone, teeth, the sinuses and nerves.
  • Determine the bone quality and density as it relates to implant placement.
  • Diagnose causes of dental discomfort previously thought to be vague or unknown with other methods of clinical or x-ray diagnostics.

This technology can help in planning implant placement prior to actual surgery. Cone beam imaging is safe – radiation dosage is equal to one day in the sun. The amount of radiation is 250 times less than that of a conventional medical CT scan. The scan generally takes less than one minute. Drs. Lindman, Burch, Hull, and Andreasen use diagnostic tools, such as the cutting-edge cone beam CT scanner with a proven safety record, to obtain the necessary information to make an accurate diagnosis and provide for the most appropriate treatment options.

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Dr. Lindman is a native of Rockford. Dr. Lindman received his professional degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Illinois College of Dentistry. His graduate training in periodontics was completed at Northwestern University College of Dentistry Where he received a Certificate Degree in Periodontics and a Master of Science degree.


Dr. Burch grew up in Villa Park, IL. Dr. Burch attended Eastern Illinois University, where he majored in Biochemistry. Dr. Burch earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine.  He received his Certificate Degree in Periodontics and Master of Science from Saint Louis University.


Dr. Hull grew up in Monmouth, IL. Dr. Hull earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from Southern Illinois University and his Certificate in Periodontics from Saint Louis University, Department of Periodontics. While at Saint Louis University, Dr. Hull completed an anesthesia program and uses sedation and pain control techniques in his practice.


Dr. Andreasen grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Clemson University. She attended the University of Louisville School of Dentistry to receive her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree. Dr. Andreasen continued there to complete a residency in Periodontics and earned a Master of Science in Dentistry.


Dr. Novin Pishevar grew up in Carol Stream, Illinois and received his Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Health with a focus on aging populations from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. After college, Dr. Pishevar received his dental education from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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At Featherstone Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, we are committed to providing high-quality care and supporting your efforts to enjoy good periodontal health by identifying and correcting periodontal issues early and implementing correct and consistent oral health self-care.  Although we offer a range of surgical treatment options for periodontal disease and its associated health and cosmetic impacts, our primary focus is to provide conservative treatment, avoiding surgery whenever possible.

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