Featherstone Seminars

Our members are dedicated to the idea of comprehensive and ideal treatment and the advancement of the dental profession, by implementing an interactive and “hands-on” approach to education.

The three basic principles of the Featherstone Seminars allow us to achieve our goals of providing our patients with the most state-of-the-art and ideal treatment.

  1. The most beneficial treatment results come from the “big picture” and a true understanding of the roles of a given technique or procedure.The proposition that we learn more by participation and clinical interaction rather than by observation.
  2. The idea that learning with and from our peers in a structured and supportive environment is the most effective way to ideally treat our patients.
  3. By using these principles, we are continually advancing dentistry in our community with the support from world-wide leaders in the dental profession.

To learn more about the Featherstone Seminars, please ask our doctors at your next visit!