Pre-Operative Instructions

Please follow these pre-operative instructions:

  • Take all other medications prescribed by your physician unless otherwise directed by our office.
  • Reduce or eliminate your salt intake for 1 – 2 weeks prior to surgery. This will help to minimize any swelling.

If you are having sedation:

  • We ask that you have nothing to eat or drink for 6 hours before your surgical appointment (except for any prescribed medications – please take them as directed with a minimal amount of water). If you are diabetic or have other nutritional requirements that necessitate frequent meals, please contact our office at Rockford Office Phone Number 815-261-1739 for instructions.
  • You will need to arrange to have a ride home. ** PLEASE have your ride come into the office with you. **
  • Wear short sleeves to your surgical appointment, or a shirt that will allow us to access your upper arm for the sedation.

If you are unable to keep this appointment date, please contact our office as soon as possible to cancel the appointment and to reschedule another one. Surgical appointments are booked in our office several weeks in advance. Therefore, we do ask for at least a 72 hour notice for cancellation and rescheduling of surgical appointments. If you have any questions regarding the pre-operative instructions or your surgical appointment, please feel free to call our office at 815-261-1576.